About Aviation Direct

Our small enterprise has been running for over twenty years, providing airfield information and flight planning software to the aviation industry in Southern Africa. The company is still run by Andrea Antel, assisted by her husband Glynn, a commercial pilot. Technical support is provided by Andrea and Kelly. Stephen Hunter and Sean McLeod are the programming brains behind EasyPlan and EasyCockpit respectively.

AviationDirect has possibly the largest database of airports, airfields and airstrips in Africa making our products, like the Airfields Directories, in printed and electronic formats, a must-have for pilots and charter operators.

EasyPlan, is the most popular flight planning software used by pilots in Africa. EasyCockpit moving map software, is available for iPads and Android devices and has become an added feature in many cockpits especially with the optional EasyWeather.

We take pride in our excellent service to all pilots, providing local support at all times and keeping important aeronautical information up-to-date, in all our products, in order to contribute to safer flying in Southern Africa. Our staff is always friendly and eager to help.

Please see our contact details for orders and enquiries.

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