EasyPlan Flight Planning Software for Windows PC


EasyPlan makes flight planning a simple task!

(Incl. 1 Year free subscription to updates)

The EasyPlan software package comes on a CD and/or USB flash drive (16GB AData)
Available for download on request. (if required electronically, please insert shipping method as Collection – no charge.)
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EasyPlan makes flight planning a simple task!

This software (Win OS) developed for your desktop/laptop PC is a must-have for all pilots! The topographical map feature gives you a hands-on feel and displays airspace, all reporting points including VFR routes, extensive airfield information, ground elevation, vertical navigation and high resolution 3D mapping details.  Simply click on your departure airfield and your final destination and with EasyPlan the rest is done in a jiffy! Click on and insert en-route waypoints and boundaries and your legs are automatically calculated. EasyPlan generates your flight plan and flight log. Wind directions and wind speeds can be inserted and EasyPlan will then automatically calculate the magnetic variation, distances, bearings, QDMs and QDRs, sunset and sunrise times, indicated airspeed, true airspeed and turn rate, fuel consumption. EasyPlan also has an aircraft weight and balance section to accurately calculate your CoG. The electronic logbook is an added value.

Aviation Direct’s unique database provides information on over 4000 airfields in Southern Africa.

The program enables you to:

  • Create and print out a flight log with all relevant information;
  • Print out maps for your flight;
  • Calculate your aircraft weight & balance to ensure correct and safe weight showing your CoG limitations;
  • Print out flight plan for ATC or copy into File2Fly;
  • GPS interface and other flight log export options to enable uploading of flight logs to your GPS;
  • Export flightlog or track to Google Earth;
  • Print a SACAA approved Electronic Logbook, summaries and Licence Renewal forms.

You can add the EasyWeather module!* (subject to subscription).

EasyPlan is fast, easy and accurate. Being local and maintained by a dedicated team, the software also includes VFR reporting points, Special Rules Areas and VFR routing.

More features of this fantastic Flight Planning Software include:

  • Hi-res topographical map-print your map with your flight plan details;
  • Comprehensive flight log with airfield information, frequencies and other important notes with various print options;
  • Creates a neat flight plan ready to send to ATC or Briefing;
  • Creates an ICAO flight plan to be copied into File2Fly
  • Calculates your aircraft weight and balance;
  • Comprehensive database of airfields and flight information from AviationDirect’s “Airfields Directory”;
  • Includes all airspace, i.e. TMAs, CTRs, FIRs, FADs, FAPs, FARs etc;
  • VFR routes and reporting points in the Special Rules Area for Johannesburg, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, George, Cape Town, Kimberley, Bloemfontein and Kruger Mpumalanga;
  • Airfield information and aeronautical data for Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe;
  • Easy way for charter operators to work out distances and create Part135 flight logs;
  • Approved electronic logbook with automatic logbook summary; and
  • Free online updates for one year.

As an added Safety Feature EasyPlan contains the EasyWeather module which is subject to a separate subscription. This allows the download of weather forecast data on the grid for the next 48Hours, and even better, the overlaying of LIVE Radar and Satellite data, which updates every 15 to 20 minutes. The pilot can check up on thunderstorm activities countrywide, and wind data can be automatically calculated into the flight plan.

The weather information is provided by the South African Weather Services.


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