EasyPlan Update


To update your EasyPlan, please follow these steps:

Step 1:
Click here for the update: https://aviationdirect.co.za/easyplan-updates     Update
Step 2:
Enter your 10-digit EASYPLAN PROGRAM ID into the white box with the dash (-), eg. XXXXX-XXXXX (exactly as is with the ‘-’)
Step 3:

If you get an error message here about your Subscription having expired, please check the Program ID again (incorrect insertion of program ID will prompt message to appear), or check if your subscription has indeed expired (when opening EasyPlan it will show you how many Update Days are left)

Step 4:

Click on the latest EasyPlan version: e.g. EasyPlan 3.137_04.  When installing the Update, it might give you an error message “Cannot Install”.

This could be:

  • Due to either the Program Key not having been updated after you have paid for a subscription renewal and received the new Program Keys; or
  • If you are installing on a new computer which hasn’t been registered; or
  • Due to high security settings on your PC, depending on the internet browser you are using. (An internet browser will warn you about any .exe file – you need to tell your browser to allow installation of this file).

So, when prompted, select “Update Registration”, then insert the “Program Key”, matching the “Device ID” which shows as a greyed out number.

Or call us for assistance.

Step 5:

Select RUN, it might tell you somewhere that this file might be unsafe to download, but you must then select that it’s ok.

Then you just follow the prompts: Install  ->  Next  ->  Next  ->  Next

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