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Last Update: 2008-11-19

Passport Required: Yes
Visa Required: Yes
Overflight Permit: Yes
Landing Permit: Yes



How to Apply:

Director of Civil Aviation
Tel. +213 21 929885-9
Fax: 21 929894, 747614


Operator, Name & address of operator; aircraft type, registration and/or flight number, date and time of departure, ETA, give route including FIR entry and exit points and ETAs, name + nationality of captain; Cargo: consignor and consignee, general nature of freight and weight; passport no and nationality of pax, purpose of flight, mauw. of aircraft


2 working days prior to flight.


Some malaria areas. Prescription medication is not always available

Special Notices:

Always confirm fuel availability. Your permit number should always be included in your flight plan. Carry your documentary proof with you at all times. Carry small notes of dollars with you. Security at big hotels is tight, keep your hotel key with you at all times, this will be needed as proof of you staying at the hotel too should you go out.

Airports of Entry:

  • Adar
  • Algiers
  • Annaba
  • Constantine
  • Ghardaia
  • Hassi Messaoud
  • Oran
  • Setif
  • Tamanrasset
  • Tebessa
  • Tlemcen
  • Zarzaitine

Private Flights:

Permits take 14 working days to obtain

Commercial Flights:

Allow 15 working days to obtain permits


Take note of the No-Fly Zones, with majority lying along the Western Border.
For info contact Etablissement National de la Navigation Aerienne
Tel. +231 21 509184
Fax: 21681882
Email: mlchergui@hotmail.com
Visa must be issued prior to arrival and will not be granted if your passport has less than 3 months validity. Permits last 72hrs from your original departure date. Use of a flight handler who has contact with a local agent is recommended

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