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More than just a full colour moving map GPS!!

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All EasyCockpit versions include 1 Year subscription to updates.

A discount on the Apple or Android versions applies for current or new EasyPlan users. Contact us for more information.

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More than just a full colour moving map GPS!!

EasyCockpit is a comprehensive navigation tool for pilots and a must for pre-flight planning and in-flight navigation. Initially developed in 2003 on a Windows Mobile platform, it is available for Apple iOS (iPads/iPhones) as well as for Android Mobile devices. Designed to improve the pilots’ situational awareness, it boasts many other features with a unique extensive database of airfields and aeronautical data. Regular updates are easily accessed ensuring your airfield information and aeronautical data is never out of date; flying is safer, easier and more relaxing.

This superb App offers:

  • Full Colour Moving Vector Map with a high-resolution touch screen. EasyCockpit includes HSI and RMI needles and allows you to create “Abeam way-points”. A double Tap on the screen at any point shows instant distance and ETA display to that point or lets you add a User Waypoint. With the rubber-banding feature, your flight plan line can be moved to insert points or avoid airspaces. Topographical data include layers that can be switched on or off e.g. Airspace, Political Map, Compass Rose, Track Line, Range Rings and Glide Range rings. The display can be in Track Up or North Up mode. Elevation Display can either show Ground Elevation Data or Aircraft Height Above Ground.
  • You can fly your flight plan in Simulation mode.
  • Extensive Airfield Information for Southern Africa includes communication and navigation frequencies, runway in formation, fuel availability and contact numbers, cautionary notes, sunrise/sunset times.
  • Latest airspace data with reporting points and on-screen view option.
  • Direct-To Function allows quick changes to flight plan – e.g. diversion to nearby airfields in an emergency, showing distance and bearing to these points;
  • Flight Log shows UTC time, flight time, present position, take-off time, waypoint ETAs and ETEs, distances and tracks.
  • ADS-B – the GDL90 protocol allows traffic to be seen if you have an ADS-B in receiver. Or with the SafeSky app.
  • Events notifications
  • The Destination option shows flyaway destinations within a selected radius on the map.


  • Flight Planning can be done with EasyPlan on your desktop/laptop PC and emailed to EasyCockpit on your phone or tablet. Or independently, a flight plan can also be created in EasyCockpit on the tablet or phone. The option to include Airspace Intersection will show the correct frequencies when entering an airspace.
  • Kml/kmz files can also be imported to create a flight plan.
  • Track Recording enables you to record your flight, which can then be exported to EasyPlan or Google Earth for evaluation after your flight or just have a record of your flight time.
  • Aircraft Weight & Balance for quick and easy calculation of your CoG;
  • E6B Calculator allows for accurate and speedy calculations of density altitude, true airspeed, wind speed and direction.
  • Audio Visual Warnings & Reminders include Terrain, Airspace and Obstacle warnings and reminders to Start Decent and/or Change Fuel Tanks.
  • As an additional flight safety feature, a valid EasyWeather subscription allows downloads of weather radar/satellite/forecasts as overlays on the mapping data. This is provided by South African Weather Services and allows automatic downloading (if set up) and updating of real-time weather radar/satellite as overlays. It will show you the position of thunderstorms in increment weather conditions to assist you to make that important decision: go back or find a way around the storm. The Wind forecasts which can be downloaded before flight, show wind speed, direction, temperature, cloud cover, humidity and dew point on a grid, giving you a good idea about weather conditions and whether you will have a head wind or tail wind at different flight levels.
  • View Weather Cams at different airfields or places to check out real-time weather conditions at airfields.
  • Free updates for one year


What you need to operate EasyCockpit:

  • iPad (Wifi PLUS 3G) or iPhone for Apple iOS or Android tablet/phone from Android Mobile Version 4.2 onwards, all with Assisted GPS. You do not need data for navigation nor do you need to load and store additional maps. For weather downloads or SafeSky traffic, you need internet connection. EasyCockpit is no longer supported on Windows mobile OS.
  • EasyCockpit uses satellites for navigation. If your iPad or tablet does not have a built-in GPS (i.e. WiFi only iPads), you can use an external Bluetooth GPS receiver like the Garmin Glo.
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