Requirements for validations:

To fly SA registered aircraft, foreign pilot licence holders must have their FAA licence validated in accordance with SACAA regulations.

Regarding the validation of foreign PPL for VFR, the SACAA proposes that all  applicants should meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a holder of a valid foreign license, medical and radio certificate.
  2. Have their licence validity verified by SACAA with the country of issue.
  3. Submit an application accompanied by the appropriate fees for validation  including foreign license and medical copies at least 90 days prior to planned  issuance of the validation.
  4. On submission of the original license, medical and application form the validation will be issued for PPL VFR operations for a period not exceeding 90 days, without the pilot having written a South African Air Law Examination or having performed a Flight Test. However the following endorsement will be placed on the validation:

“For private day VFR operations only, provided the holder first successfully completes an appropriate South African Air Law examination and a flight test at an approved ATO, with a Grade 1 or Grade 2 flight Instructor.

Foreign PPL holders seeking validation for hour building purposes will be required to comply with the normal requirements that include writing the South African Air Law examination and performing a flight test prior to the issuance of the validation.

You must have your logbook and other documentation with you in South Africa. Your log must contain an endorsement to fly the specific type of aircraft you intend to fly in southern Africa. Without this endorsement, validation is not possible.

For the latest and up to date information, visit the official website of the  South African Civil Aviation Authority.

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