EasyPlan Updates


Version 3.126_04 from Aug 2019 
(insert your 10-digit EASYPLAN PROGRAM ID into the white box with the dash (-), eg. XXXXX-XXXXX)

Update 3.126_04 includes the following:

  • S028/19 FAKN Kruger Mpumalanga – TMA A, C, D, E, F and G have been revised.
  • S029/19 FAJA ACC NorthEast a ‘feeder’ airspace into FAKN for the APP to RWY05 has been added when aircraft are expected to hold during busy periods. ACC ATC will instruct pilots when to change frequency to FAKN when cleared inbound.
  • S026/19 Bethlehem Airshow (FABM) on 23 and 24 Aug 2019: Lateral Limits: 5NM radius centered at FABM; Vertical Limits: 3500 FT AGL
    Call Sign: Bethlehem TWR 120.2 MHz; Hours of Operation: 1100 – 1500 (23 August 2019); 0630 – 1500 (24 August 2019)  Class of Airspace: Class G; Remarks: Non-participating aircraft can expect delays
  • S032/19 Kitty Hawk Aero Estate Fly In – on 14 Sep 2019, Lateral Limits: 5NM radius centered at FAKT; Vertical Limits: GND/7500ft AMSL
    Call: Kitty Hawk 120.65 MHz; Hours of Operation: AFIS 0500-1400, Class of Airspace: Class G – Increased flying activity
  • S030/19 Central Summer Gliding Area from 01 Oct 2019 – 28 Feb 2020; Vertical Limits: FL195; Hrs: dly btw 0600-1730 or end of official daylight. Freq: 123.60 MHz; Remarks: increased glider act taking place. This will accommodate gliding ops at GariepDam, Victoria West, Douglas, Kuruman, Potchefstroom and New Tempe, not all of which will be operating over the whole period. Gliders are to remain clear of all controlled, restricted, prohibited and neighbouring airspaces.
  • S033/19 KLERKSDORP Aerobatics Competition (FAKD) on 05-06 Oct 2019: Lateral Limits: 2NM radius centered at FAKD; Vertical Limits: GND/9000 FT AMSL; Call Sign: Klerksdorp Radio  123.5 MHz; Hours of Operation: 0600-1600 Class of Airspace: Class G; Remarks: Increased flying activity to be expected due to aerobatics competition.
  • S031/19 – North West Regional Gliding Competition, from 05 – 13 Oct 2019; Vertical Limits: GND-FL195; Hrs: dly btw 0900-1630 or end of official daylight. Freq: 123.60 MHz; Remarks: increased glider act taking place in NorthWest area. Gliders are to remain clear of all controlled and restricted airspaces as published in the AIP. All gliders operating within the uncontrolled portion of the defined area will b/cast on 123.60MHz
  • Botswana: S33/19 –Gaborone flying training area revised effective 10th Oct. This will show under Future Airspaces
  • FVFA Victoria Falls: Special Rules Area over the Victoria Falls – only operators with special Permit are allowed to operate within this area. Other TFC to overfly not lower than 6000ft (light a/c) or FL070 (med or turbo a/c)
  • As an ongoing process, New and Updated Airfield Data is always part of an update. Please inform us of changes or NEW airfields.
  • Updated NavAids & Comm frequencies
  • New and revised IFR and VFR reporting points

On a test basis we have now also added Weather Cameras to the EasyPlan. You need to activate the weather cams on the toolbar. They will then show as a red square near or at the airfield. Left-click the square border with you mouse to select the link. It will then open your web browser with the camera link. Because some cameras are situated right at the airfields, it might be difficult to select the link. You may need to untick the Airfield symbol to get to the link. We are working on a better solution.


Notice to all pilots/airfield owners – please let us know about any changes/updates which you may encounter.

Step 1:
Please close EasyPlan / ensure that EasyPlan is closed, before installing the update.
Step 2:
Enter your 10-digit EASYPLAN PROGRAM ID into the white box above, with the dash (-), eg. XXXXX-XXXXX (exactly as is with the ‘-’)
Step 3:

If you get an error message here about your Subscription having expired, please check the Program ID again (incorrect insertion of program ID will prompt message to appear), or check if your subscription has indeed expired (when opening EasyPlan it will show you how many Update Days are left)

Step 4:

Click on the latest EasyPlan version: e.g. EasyPlan 3.120_03. When installing the Update, it might give you an error message “Cannot Install”.

This could be:

  • Due to either the Program Key not having been updated after you have paid for a subscription renewal and received the new Program Keys; or
  • If you are installing on a new computer which hasn’t been registered; or
  • Due to high security settings on your PC, depending on the internet browser you are using. (An internet browser will warn you about any .exe file – you need to tell your browser to allow installation of this file).

So, when prompted, select “Update Registration”, then insert the “Program Key”, matching the “Device ID” which shows as a greyed out number.

Or call us for assistance.

Step 5:

Select RUN, it might tell you somewhere that this file might be unsafe to download, but you must then select that it’s ok.

Then you just follow the prompts: Install -> Next -> Next -> Next

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